Friday, November 12, 2010

Moskatels - Downtown L.A.


How in the world was I not prepared to buy yarn, especially at 20% off!

Went to the Flower Mart in Downtown L.A. and popped into Moskatel's since we were right there!

This is a crazy big craft store with anything and everything you could want or need in crafting!


Decorations, Candles, Stamps, Wedding Stuff, Baby Shower Stuff, Whoozits and Whatzits!

But on a huge scale.  Like for professionals!

Fortunately, I stumbled down their yarn aisle and all yarn (except for Red Heart) was 20% off!

Unfortunately, I had nothing to buy for...

They really do have a nice BIG selection of different yarn and brands.

Everything from Lion to Bernat to Caron.

I'm not sure how long that sale was lasting but I wish I'd had a project to buy for...


Moskatels is at:
738 Wall Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014-2316
(213) 689-4590


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