Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Purl Soho - Tustin, CA

When we were in New York last winter, one of the many yarn shops I visited on my Yarn Crawl was Purl Soho.

I knew their warehouse was here in California and their cute little shop in Manhattan.

You know I follow their blog Purl Bee religiously...

But I also follow a local (Orange County, CA) blog called Inchmark!

Well, Thank God she had a post about the Purl Soho warehouse being open to the public 'cause my mom and I went!!!

This little warehouse has so much good stuff!

Mom was really excited about the material (as she's a quilter) and I was really excited about the yarn!

I was good, though and didn't buy any... (THIS time!)  :)

I did buy this cute retro material, though and I love it!

I LOVE these colors!  

I decided to make some retro cool napkins for our new 1950's table!

And I also made some place mats to go with the cool napkins!


I love this retro chair pattern!

This material is called Circa 50 from Birch Organic Fabrics and I think the name fits it perfectly!


I don't normally get into the whole 'organic' thing (I'm not a very organic gal) but I can tell you that there's definitely a difference in the feel of this fabric.

It does seem to be higher quality and it has a nice soft feel to it.  It's not scratchy, as some Cotton fabrics can be.

It feels gooooooood... 

 These came out cute, huh?

I love both sides and I love those colors! 

These will make great place mats for our new 1950's table, which I just realized I did not take a picture of our table and place mat together!

Will get it together and do tomorrow.

In the meantime...

What in the world is this and why did I not see it at the Purl Soho warehouse!

Must go back and buy this...

The Purl Soho Warehouse is at:

15431 Redhill Ave
Suite D
Tustin CA 92780
(800) 597-PURL
It is open to the public and you can go from 9 AM to 2:30 PM, Tuesday through Friday.

For sure, go if you can!


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