Sunday, January 2, 2011

Spud & Chloe Boy Meets Girl Hats (Pattern # 9201)

Size 11 - 16" circular needles

Well I love the Spud & Chloe patterns...

And you know I follow their blog religiously.

 I've made two things (the Braided Scarf and the Heart on a String hat) from the free patterns on their blog and they were so easy & came out so cute!

This hat was just as easy to make and came out great!

I made this hat for Hubby 'cause he gets so cold in our tile house!

He picked out the yarn and the colors and I thought the combo came out great!

Hubby was drawn to this hat because of the sides that cover his ears.

He is a surfer and his head (and ears) get soooo cold after a long surf session.  

He's always looking for a hat to cover his head and keep his ears warm & this hat seemed perfect!

(isn't he cute!)  :)
I did a combo of the two patterns 'cause I thought it suited him better. 

I made the ear-flaps & body like the Woman's Hat... 

and I made the graphics from Chart 2 (from the Men's Hat).

I thought the checker pattern fit Hubby better.  :)

Ok... So I know this is totally silly but... 

I LOVE that the way this pattern is presented is like a sewing pattern!
 It's such a cute way of packaging & presenting a pattern!

The paper instructions come in a cute little envelope, similar to the way a sewing pattern comes in an envelope.

There is an actual 'Pattern No' (just as sewing patterns have #'s) and they have broken it down by Level, Materials, Size, etc. 

It's toooooo cute!
(yes, I am a sucker for packaging and marketing...)

(oh, and all things cute...) 


The Blue Sky Bulky yarn is 50% Alpaca and 50% Wool.

I do like it but boy is it linty!

I had little lint hairs all over whatever I was wearing whenever I worked on this hat!

Not bad or good... Just an observation (although I do catch Hubby pulling little hairs off his stubble whenever he wears this hat).

Per Hubby... his comments are: 

Hubby likes that the hat is snug ('tight') on his head.  
He said it feels pretty warm and heavy (which he likes).
He likes the 'checker board' pattern.

We are interested to see if this hat will stretch. 

That is a pet peeve of ours that we find in more inexpensive (ahem... cheaper-quality) yarns... 

I have found that when I've made things with an Acrylic/Wool blend (heavier on the Acrylic than the Wool), whatever 'it' is tends to stretch out. 

So we are curious to see how this yarn will hold up.

Will let you know!



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