Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rodarte - NYFW Fall 2011

YAY!  Fashion Week is upon us once again!

You know I love my Rodarte.  

I look forward to their collections every season and I love that they always incorporate some form of knitwear. 

This season's no different and it's quite interesting!!!

There's something going on with Prairie and Americana right now...

From Jeannette Walls 'real-life novel' Half Broke Horses about her grandmother's ranch life to model-of-the-moment Arizona Muse's beautiful south-west inspired Manifest Destiny in the February 2011 issue of Vogue.

It seems the Mulleavy sisters were inspired by some time they spent in North Dakota, as well as by a movie called Days of Heaven and the Great American Plains.

There is something a bit 'YFZ'-ish about some of these pieces, which is kinda odd and haunting, but that's what makes them so cool.

One of the things I always love about Rodarte's collections is that they usually incorporate some type of juxtaposition between textures.  Soft flowy fabrics with stiff course materials.  I love seeing how they play these two up.

Here, they do it with knit vs. fabric.

It's in the dress above with the light flowy material of the dress and the solid stiff fabric of the long coat.

These loose-fit knit sweaters with the geometric shapes have a bit of an '80s quality to them.

I do love these neutral shades, tho...

The colors in this one being my favorite!  You know I love my taupey-neutrals!

Does anyone else see Ad Reinhardt's Abstract Painting (1957) in this sweater?

Some other random pieces from this collection that I love:

 I Love! Love! Love! the A-Line shape of this dress!

LOVE this fabric and gold color!!!  This fabric has such great movement.  It's like liquid!  I think this would make a great nail polish color.

Beautiful shape and movement.  I'd absolutely wear this!

I LOVE this one.  I love how it's fluid and drapey.  You know I love anything angular.

I get such a kick out of this one!
Again, I love the blending if different textures.  That silky chiffony dress under a solid stiff apron like upper dress.



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