Friday, July 22, 2011

Paper Source Crafter's Night Out Event - Bastille Day

Last week, I went to a Craft Night class at my local Paper Source.

This is just about one of my all time favorite stores in the whole wide world!!!

The crafter in me goes melty everytime I set foot in there.  Who knew an entire store full of paper would drive me nuts!  (in a good way, of course...) 

I've been to a few of their craft nights and last week's was on Bastille Day!

So we made all things French! 

We started off by making magnets, which I thought was brilliant!

With left over random pieces of thick French postal decoration paper, we used the Xyron machine to make the paper adhesive and then stuck it on to the magnet sheet.  Then we cut the magnet sheet into shapes we liked!  Love it!  This would make a great (quick, easy, fun) Christmas present!

Then, we made pretty cards and decorated sheer envelopes with stamps.

Then we made fans... which I'm not sure what you'd use for but I love that we got to use the eyelet setter!

We decorated clothes pins with paper.  It's not so much that I get excited about clothes pins as I get excited about covering EVERYTHING with paper!

Finally... we made these teeny-weeny tinsy lil envelopes with little eedy-beedy cards.

I know... Completely impractical but absolutely adorable!!!

God, I love that store!!!



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