Monday, July 18, 2011


Now that I'm finally feeling back up to knitting (and making things in general), I've been wanting to start a new project!

I really liked this Sketchbook Cardigan from Lion's Studio Knit-along.
I thought it'd be fun to join in on this knit-along (all the way from the West Coast) until I thought, "oh wait... I have like 10 UFOs that I should probably power through..."

Then, the knitting (and crochet) world went nuts (along with everyone else) for Kate Middleton's Minne Rose green Grocery Shopping Shawl...
And I decided that I needed to make this for myself too...

Until I remembered again... I have like 20 UFOs sitting in a huge storage tub, waiting to be finished!

So I have decided that before I start ANYTHING else, I'm going to power through those UFOs.

I'll post them lil by lil and hopefully be done sooner than later!

It's like shopping in your closet...



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