Saturday, August 6, 2011

UFO - Fingerless Gloves - Wedding Knits by Suss Cousins

And, these are done...

These were supposed to be my Maid of Honor gift to my Best Friend for being in my wedding...

Um, that was FOUR YEARS AGO!!!

And I finally finished them last month. 


The good news is that she is always freezing (even in this 90 degree weather we're havin') so it's actually ok!

I used the Patons Brilliant (which is now in the Discontinued bin... that's how OLD this project is) and I will say...

This is about the itchiest yarn I've ever felt!

No wonder it's discontinued!

Visually, it's a beautiful yarn.  It has little hints of silver shimmer.

And it worked up really well.  The yarn laid nice and flat.  It did not unravel as I worked it.

But when I tried these gloves on, my arms were dyin'!  They were itchy!

This pattern is super easy (which is all the more embarrasing that it took me so long to finish this project).

It's a simple k1, p1 rib all the way.

The thumbhole was easy to make with adding another skein of yarn and working from two sides.

There is a teeny bit of increase in this pattern towards the end (upper arm area) which is easy.

Come to think of it, this project would be a good starter for someone just learning how to knit!
Anyway... I finally gave these to by BFF and she said "Thanks... I'll wear these when it's not 90 degrees out."
Well she better!


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