Monday, November 7, 2011

Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller - Sidewalk Shawl

And... this is done.

I know I promised I would not take on any new projects 'til I finished ALL of my UFOs...

and I was actually doing really well with that,

until I realized that Christmas is right around the corner!

 So I've abandoned the UFOs for awhile and am powering through some Christmas presents.


This lovely Stitch Nation Sidewalk Shawl will go to my Sis-n-Law.

This pattern worked up really quickly once I got the hang of it.

I will admit that I'd actually started it and realized I was doing it wrong, so I took it apart, restarted it and then got the hang of it and it was fine!

I'd read up on this project on Ravelry
and so many people had posted how quickly they worked this up!

Well, they were right!

I'd say it took me about one week exactly to get this one done and that's not even working at warp speed.

On a random side-note, I've come to find Ravelry sooooooooo useful
and helpful for learning more about a project!

Like this shawl, for example. 

Lot's of Ravelry'rs, Ravelriers or Ravelers or people(!) had posted that when they followed this pattern to a tee, the shawl was way long and that if they were to make it again, they'd stop a bit short.

And they were right!

Anyway, it's become a great source of info for me to learn about a project before I start it.


These little guys are called shells.
 This crochet is not complicated at all... and you know how much I just LOVE crochet...

(uh huh...)

It's a simple series of triple crochets over and over and over!


I did use the Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe and I just love it!

It's 55% viscose from Bamboo and 45% wool.

I don't find this yarn to be itchy at all.

It's soft, which I like and it works so well.

The other nice thing about it is that it doesn't get all curly/twisty as you're working it.

It comes out of it's ball (if you pull from center) easily!

So, unfortunately, my Photography for Knitters class/education is falling by the wayside because...

I can not find a damn model!

"Oh... I'm too fat..."

"Oh, I'm not done up today..."

"Is my face gonna be in the picture?"


El Hub has told me that he will photograph me wearing my projects but, what is the point of that!

Yes he takes fabulous photos and has a fancy camera...

But I want to be the one to take the photos to put to practice what I learned in my damn class!

Other than that, it's fine...



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