Tuesday, September 27, 2011

VK Live! (LA) - Photography for Knitters with Amy Swenson

My 2nd class for the day was with Amy Swenson of Indi Girl!

Amy is a knitting and crochet designer as well as photographer extraordinaire AND a software engineer (which El Hub focused and fixated on ALL the rest of the day as he is a programmer!).

Automatically, she was tops in his book 'cause she's a software engineer.  Nevermind that she's a fabulous designer and takes amazing photos...


 This was a nice sized class and I'm amazed more people didn't take this class.

With all the Ravelry posters and bloggers out there, we all need to improve our crafting photography skills!
 Amy's class was great but thing I loved most about it was that it was Hands On!

We got to go outside and try to photograph our works or works in progress so we could get feedback and help from Amy.

Afterward, we came back and shared/discussed what we learned.

Four gals in the class grouped together and really took off with what they learned!  They took some amazing photos that I would have believed to be professional. 

They were great!

I only had my swatch to photograph plus the yarn I received in Josh Bennett's class so that's what I have to show you.

I'll show you pictures that I took before getting feedback from Amy. 

If you've been following my blog at all, you know that my pics skills can use some upgrading!



Then after feedback...
Better, huh?

Not bad!


I really learned a lot from Amy (so expect to see some fancy photos on here from now on)!

I know this is going to sound so dumb but, it's even the little things like taking your work outside to photograph, that I never even thought to do!

I always just plop by Finished Object on the kitchen table and take a few pictures to post!

Sure it may give a fair representation of what the Finished Object is but...

is it exciting to look at!

Already after this class, I've started looking differently at how I photograph everything.  Not just my knitting.

Amy really taught me how to see things differently compositionally.

If you can, take a look at Amy's patterns and you'll get to see her beautiful designs as well as her photographs.

Thank you, Amy! 


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