Tuesday, September 27, 2011

VK Live! (LA) - Custom Knitting Design with Josh Bennett

I took two wonderful classes at VK Live in LA and my first class was at 8 a.m.!


I am not a morning person AT ALL but I was up at 5:45a to be out the door by 6:30a and get to Culver City by 7:30a so I could register for my classes!

(I didn't want to be late for school!  :)

Fortunately, a few cups of coffee helped... and this class was AWESOME!

 Our class was taught by Josh Bennett of Boy Meets Purl.  He came from New York for the weekend to teach and he was an excellent teacher!

Our class was three hours long and while that sounds like a long time, it went by sooooo fast!

He took us through the basics of using gauge and body measurements to create a basic sweater pattern!

Now... I'm not gonna lie.  I suck at Math.  :'(

So I was a bit confused throughout the class.

Not because of Josh.  But because I am slow (and I'm not ashamed to say it!).

The class moves fairly quickly, as it should.  I just need to be taught like a kindergardener.

But I still learned sooooooo much!

I learned so many tips and tricks that are priceless and not found in any knitting book.

 I brought all my notes home and El Hub is helping me understand the math better which is great because...

my first project is to make him a basic sweater vest!

(he has been asking me to make him a sweater with a 'computer image' on the front since forever!)

So we'll see how it goes and I'm so excited to try my new design skills!

Josh has a lot of exciting things going on and his story is pretty amazing!  (he's pretty much living my dream life... you know, the one where I live in New York and I knit for career).

Anyway, many of his designs are featured in Vogue Knitting.

He's currently teaming up with Rowan (Per their request!  They sought him out!) and he was sweet enough to share some of their yarn with us!!!


If you happen to be in NY for the next VK Live 2012, sign up for his classes!

You will have so much fun AND learn a lot!

Thank you, Josh!



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