Monday, September 26, 2011

VK Live - Los Angeles!


I went to VK Live and it was awesome!!!

I took 2 classes and was able to catch one fashion show!

Here are the separate posts on those:

Custom Knitting Design with Josh Bennett

Photography for Knitters with Amy Swenson

Trendsetters Fashion Show

El Hub asked me to tell you 3 things I saw that others might not tell you.

So let's see...

1) There was a Ferrari convention going that same weekend at the Hyatt Century City.  It was the CarWoo! Fog Rally where a TON of fancy-dancy Ferraris met after driving from SF to LA for charity!

2) I saw knitters everywhere!  Sitting!  Standing!  Everyone and everytime was knitting... at ALL times! 

3) Yarn Bombing!



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