Wednesday, January 11, 2012

KnitSchtick Colorblock Workshop!

Oh Please!!!  Make it stop!

As if I don't have enough projects in the works...

I get this email this morning from KnitSchtick:

Cat Eyes shaped Sunglasses, and Color Blocking is what’s IN for Spring!

Complimentary Color Block Workshop, Saturday, January, 28th, 10:30am to 12:30pm.
We can’t help you with the glasses, but we can with the color blocking! Join us , and design your own Spring Scarf. You” ll be sooooooo tres sheep! Call now to reserve your spot at the table. Please note, the scarf in the picture is not finished.

And you know I wanna go!

You know how much I love my stripes AND I LOVE colorblocking!


Let's see... Let's put this into perspective here.

Here are the things I'm currently working on or have in line to work on next:

My Kate Shawl (Which I'm ALMOST done with)!

The Yarn Lady Asymmetrical Vest (that I'm ALMOST done with!)

There's the Blue Sky Baby Bobbi Bear that I started to make for our little peanut (last year!)

Did I mention the Twinkle Moonlight Picnic Wrap that I bought yarn for and have in line to make?

And I also bought a pattern (and YARN!) for this too cute Wainright B sweater from Berroco!

Oh and... not to mention the socks I want to make everyone for Christmas 2012!

Good God, am I having ADD or what?! 

There's just tooooooo many good things out there to make!

Well... at least I have no shortage of ideas.


What do you think? 

Stick to what I'm doing?

or sign up for this fabulous colorblock workshop?




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