Saturday, January 7, 2012

Knit Schtick Post Holiday Pick-Me-Up Knitting Party!

Ran up to Knit Schtick yesterday for their Post Holiday Pick-Me-Up Knitting Party and I had so much fun! 

I first heard about this nice yarn shop a couple of months ago from my neighbor, who'd seen it on groupon!

Not believing that a non-knitter knew about a knitting shop that I had not heard of, I immediately ran over there and corrected that situation.


Ever since then, it's become one of my LYS and one of my go-to's for unique patterns and good quality yarn!

How cute is this cupcake!!!  It was made by the daughter of one of the gals that works there!  It was good, too!

I think the first project I bought from there was the yarn and pattern for the Kate Shawl!

I'd been a bit obsessed with this shawl since the day I'd seen this photo (above) and I was happy when I saw that they were having a Kate Shawl workshop and then quickly bummed when I realized I couldn't go (I think we were outta town).

Fortunately, I was able to buy the pattern and yarn after and this has been my current project, which I'm almost done with!  (I know, I know.. what about my UFOs?!  I'll get back to those AFTER this one!)


I'd thought about giving this to my MIL for Christmas and then thought, Nah...

This one's for me! 


Well, you can imagine how happy I was when I saw that KnitSchtick was having a Twinkle Trunk Show!!!

Do you remember when I spent half of my time searching all of New York for Twinkle yarn and could not find it?!

So, naturally I ran right over there and bought myself some Twinkle Baby Chunky to make this wonderful Moonlight Picnic wrap (ahem... also for me.)


Well yesterday, because I don't have enough projects, I bought a new pattern and some more yarn!


I have been looking for a circle vest pattern ever since I saw a very hip woman wearing a gorgeous circle vest about 2 years ago!

This is the Coco Knits Sofia sweater and I'm so excited about it!

I'm going to make mine without sleeves and I'm using the Blue Sky Brushed Suri.

I needed 6 skeins of a color and they did not have all 6 of any color so I bought 2 nude, 2 grey and 1 white!

You know I love my taupey nudes and I think it will be neat to make it with those shades!

I had so much fun yesterday and wished I could have stayed longer!

I got to work on my Kate shawl and I got to meet some very fun and lovely ladies!

I also like to see what everyone's working on.

I think I thrive a bit more when I'm surrounded by creativity.

I want to continue to get better as a knitter and make higher quality works (as opposed to the basic scarves I started out with 12 years ago).

It's nice to be surrounded with other serious knitters!

The one common topic that came up a bit was the lack of LYSs in our immediate area!

I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way.

There were gals there from all parts of town and I love that they'll go far and near for good knits!

I hope KnitSchtick will have more KALs or parties 'cause I'd love to go!

If you're in the area, stop by there and check it out!

Knit Schtick is at 355 Bristol, Costa Mesa, CA 92626



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