Saturday, February 25, 2012

Coco Knits Sofia Circular Sweater!

And this is done!

This is the Coco Knits Sofia circular sweater that I've been so excited about!

Bought this pattern and my yarn at my LYS (KnitSchtick) and this pattern calls for 6 skeins of

They didn't have all 6 skeins of any one color so I decided to get 2 of each:
Whipped Cream
Toasted Marshmallow
Earl Grey

Don't those all sound good together!

I found this yarn incredibly easy to work with.

Thank God they wound it for me at the yarn shop. 

This yarn has a few fuzzies or fly-aways but not bad enough to be bothersome.

It lays nicely and doesn't curl.  It really is lovely yarn.

Even though it looks light and airy, I suspect it will make a warm sweater!

This pattern calls for a "Provisional" Cast-On, which I'd never done before.

I'm always excited to learn something new so immediately turned to the YouTube for help!

I found this video to be the most helpful:

And this one is good, too:
(especially good even for not having sound!)

And Knitty has a great How To on their Techniques with Theresa page!

You can cast on using a spare thread or a separate set of circular needles.

I found the cast on with circulars to be the easiest to deal with and the easiest to work off of later!

This method is great because it instantly creates nice armholes!

My first welt! (a p3, k3 pattern)

I find it easiest when I make notes and scribble.

You know I confuse easily so any help I can get is helpful!

Armhole lookin' good!

This sweater does call for sleeves but I've been wanting a circular vest since forever so I've decided to leave the sleeves off.

Circle folded in half!

As you can see here on my model, it has a nice wide collar!

The more welts you add, the wider the collar will be!

I promise I'll try to add some pics of this sweater on a real model... ;-)

This pattern is sooooooooo easy and worked sooooooo fast!

I'd absolutely make this again.

Quick Christmas presents?

What do you think?

(yes... I know it's only February but my mind is already at Christmas!)



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