Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yarn Crawl! - Green Planet Yarn (Campbell, CA)

Yup!  We are up north again this week! 

You know I love it up here and I don't mind finding new areas and yarn shops to explore!

Today we popped in on Green Planet Yarn.

What a lovely shop!

My plan was two-fold for coming here...

One - to check out the shop
Two - 'cause they carry both Blue Sky and Spud & Chloe!

I know it's only February but I am already thinking ahead to Christmas and making socks for everyone for gifts!

Anyway, the Green Planet website is incredibly detailed and well organized, so it was nice to be able to see online that they do carry specific yarn (like Spud & Chloe Fine, for example) before driving over there! 

Everything about Green Planet Yarns is incredibly well organized!

Not only is their website nice and detailed but,

Each bin of yarn has a laminated tag attached, detailing what the yarn is (weight, yardage and all that) and price!

And to find a pattern is very simple too!

Each sample has a laminated tag attached, detailing what the pattern is and where to find it along the pattern wall!

So it will say something like, "Pattern binder # 15" (for example)

Then, you come over here to the pattern wall and grab the binder that would have your pattern! 
(see pic below!)

So self-sufficient!

I love it!
This shop has beautiful quality yarns.  Everything from Cascade to Blue Sky to Plymouth!

I bought two skeins of Spud & Chloe Fine in "Lipstick" (# 7810)

And I bought four skeins of the Blue Sky Worsted Hand Dyes for their Worsted Knee Socks!

This yarn shop is in the cutest little town called Campbell!

There's a little main road with lots of cute shops and restaurants.

And, of course, a cupcake shop!

If it's there, right?  Might as well try it?

L-R: Vanilla Birthday Cake, Sea Salt Caramel, Pumpkin Spice

All three, so yummy!

And, NO!  I didn't eat ALL 3.  I took a bit of each and then shared with El Hub.

Really!  I promise! 


Green Planet Yarns is at:
368 East Campbell Avenue
Campbell, CA

Frost Cupcake Factory is at:
199 East Campbell Avenue
Campbell, CA


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