Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lion Brand Yarn Studio Spring Window!

If you've been to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in the Flatiron in New York, you know it's a pretty amazing store.

With a whole wall of their yarns and a "yarn bar" in the back, it's a pretty neat store.

They change their front store window quite often and this weekend, they changed it for Spring!

And it's gorgeous!

It's an Art window!

Their theme for Spring is "The Art of Yarn".

You know I love my Art, so this makes me VERY happy!

Van Gogh, Picasso and Robert Indiana...


I love that they put Marie-Therese Walter as knitting in Picasso's Le Reve!



Van Gogh's "Twelve Flowers"

Picasso's "Le Reve"

My photo of Robert Indiana's "LOVE" in Midtown Manhattan

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  1. We're so glad you loved our window! Come back and visit any time - and check out the special "autographs" from the artists on the backs of the "Paintings" !

    Lion Brand Yarn Studio