Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yarn Crawl L.A. 2012: Alamitos Bay Yarn Company! (Long Beach)

YAY!  Yarn Crawl L.A. 2012 is here!

So we decided to get the party started at Alamitos Bay Yarn Company.

This is a lovely shop.  I'd been here once before to buy some circular needles and they were very nice!

So I was familiar with our kick-off point.  :)

I can't even tell you how excited I was about this Yarn Crawl!

The yarn crawl started at 10a and I think I got there at about 10:15.  

The place was PACKED!

They had their sign-in table outside (and it was a gorgeous day out too!).

Check out that basket they were raffling off!

Inside, there were all kinds of Yarn Crawlers already shopping and talking!

I have to say, one of my favorite things about the Yarn Crawl weekend was how everyone would stop and ask each other "Did you make that?"


I love it. 

This shop was really busy and they had a lot going on in their schedule!

Unfortunately, we missed the welcome party 'cause it was in the evening and we'd planned our route to be in the South Bay in the later part of the day.

But I love how involved this shop was!

They had classes and give-aways and all kinds of fun things!

I love to see a shop get into it. 

If you're in the area and, if you can, check out the ABYC website and get on their e-list. 

They have all kinds of fun classes AND they have a Duffy Boat Knitting ride from time to time!!!

I hope to get on that boat soon!  :)

Their email list is how I came to know about the Yarn Crawl so I'm forever grateful to ABYC keeping me in the know!


Alamitos Bay Yarn Co is at:

174 North Marina Drive  
Long Beach, CA 90803


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