Friday, May 25, 2012

Thank you, Ji! (Rescue Beauty Lounge)

Just a few of the MANY bottles of Rescue Beauty polish that I own.
Today, I awoke to happiness and joy!
A preview of the upcoming Rescue Beauty Lounge Collection!
And even more to my Art History delight... it's a collection inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe!
As an art history graduate, with a focus on modern & post modern art, it always warms my heart to see art out in the real world. 
I love it when people incorporate great works of art into their lives.
Just last week at church, I saw a gal with a tattoo on her arm of Picasso's Girl before a Mirror and I just about freaked out (in a good way, of course)!

I told her that I loved it and she told me that I'm only the 2nd person ever to even know what it is on her arm...  and that broke my heart.

Anyway, head on over to these fun nail blogs (below) to see swatches of these gorgeous colors!
I played with the idea of not even sharing this so I could have these colors all to myself on pre-order day.

Ji's polishes are amazing and I'm so glad that I was able to visit her salon in the Meatpacking District a few years ago when I had the chance!

It was literally, seriously the BEST manicure I've EVER had!

An open letter to Ji!

Hi Ji!

Your silent FB admirer here, again!

My jaw is on the floor right now at these gorgeous colors in the upcoming O'Keeffe collection!

Again, you're  brilliant and pretty much my hero.  :)

How you capture the beauty of color and put it into a bottle is beyond me! 

But I'm so grateful that you have this wonderful talent and that you share it with us!

I studied Art History in school and my focus was on Modern & Postmodern art so I have spent some time with Georgia O'Keeffe's works and loved every moment of it!

I've always thought that her vast open space works offer a certain kind of visual quietness,
which I love. 

Orange is my color and Santa Fe is mine!

(As well as Bella Donna and Oriental Poppy!!!)

Ji, I don't even have the words to express how excited I am about this collection and how much I love that you incorporate art into your life!

Thank you again!

Your happy grateful friend...


Color swatches at:

Which colors will you buy on pre-order day?


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