Friday, May 25, 2012

Free Pattern Friday! - Whit's Knits Whisper Wrap

Isn't this pretty!

Whit's Knits Whisper Wrap

Our weather has been so funky here (in Southern California) lately. 

It's been sunny, warm and gorgeous for the past few days and now today is grey and windy!

But it's not cold, which makes this wrap the perfect thing to grab and go for a nice lunch out or drink at the beach.

You know I love my PurlBee and their beautiful patterns. 

This pattern seems easy enough, even though...

When I saw "Cast on 481 sts" I was like, whoa... that's a lot. 

But it seems like this pattern is easy and would work fast!

Just in time for summer.


What would you wear it with?


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