Saturday, May 19, 2012

Be Sweet Boucle Shawl/Wrap

Friends, let me introduce you to the project that has been keeping me from blogging, reading, eating, sleeping (ahem - cooking... cleaning...) 


This here is the Be Sweet Boucle Shawl Wrap...

This yarn + pattern is one of my many purchases efforts to 'support the economy' from last month's LA Yarn Crawl

I bought this yarn at Twist in Redondo Beach on Day One of Yarn Crawl and the nice owner there told me that this pattern should flow easily for me because I am a loose knitter!

See those little loop-d-loopies?  Your knitting needle is dying to go into those loops and not into the stitch!

Other than that, this pattern is incredibly easy!

It's a basic knit one row, purl one row... 

Um, for 280 ROWS!!!

At this point here, I'm at 200 rows... I couldn't believe I had 80 rows to go!  I thought it'd never end!

Alright... So here's my big dilemma!

As usual, I'm short on yarn!  It called for four skeins and ALL four skeins got me to exactly 280 rows.

But you're supposed to crochet the ends with a series of triple crochets AND THEN still add fringe to the ends on top of that!


So do I buy a whole other skein of $16.00 yarn (just for fringe) and complete this thing?  

Or do it frog it and leave the ends plain!

Here's a picture I found from the Be Sweet site and it's the closest thing I could find to what the shawl should look like.  

And this is what it would look like without fringe. 

El Hub, of course, wants me to be done with it... 

1) 'cause he's sick of seeing this project laying around all over the place
2) 'cause he does not want me to buy ANY MORE YARN!

But I dunno... If I've come this far, why wouldn't I go all the way?

Am I in or am I out?!


I dunno...

What would you do?


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  1. I would go fringe free. Not a big fan of fringe. Seems more modern without the fringe. So what did you decide? Love the shawl. Makes want to make one.