Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yarn Crawl L.A. 2012: Twist (South Bay)

Alright... so here's where it kinda all goes down hill...

I went from being really good and not buying ANYTHING all day... 

to pretty much buying EVERYTHING at the end of the day.


Our last stop of the day was at Twist in South Bay.  

This is a really neat shop!

Unfortunately, my pictures do not do it justice but it's really an amazing space!

There is a rawness or a naturalness to this shop, with yarns hanging (as you see in that pic above) everywhere and natural yarns waiting to be dyed. 

It's really unique and not quite like anything I've seen.  I really liked it there!

It's a large space, too!  Almost loft-like.

They have a wonderfully open space for sitting and knitting... AND!  They have a tea bar!

My MIL and her friend were staying to have tea and knit and I soooooooo wanted to stay with them but it was time for me to get Peanut home, otherwise I would have!

Twist was doing a pattern with yarn purchase, specifically for the Yarn Crawl and these bags below are the fabulous pattern!

 So, of course... I HAD to buy a skein.  You know... to support small business.

One skein of this nylon yarn makes one bag and I'm really excited to make this one up for a Christmas present for someone! (Not sure who, yet...)  

And so, here's where the wheels fell off...

After telling El Hub about how I'm sold on buying yarn online (after my great Jimmy Beans Wool experience) and how I won't be buying anything during this yarn crawl...

I start to touch and feel things... and see things!!!

And then I have to HAVE things... 

So they had this gorgeous Be Sweet Boucle Mohair scarf pattern beautifully draped around a mannequin and I knew I had to have it!

HAD to have it!

Four skeins of the Be Sweet makes this scarf... 

So here's where I'm TORN!!!

I want to support small business.  I do!  (as you see in my proof above)

But it's hard... 

My four skeins of the Be Sweet were $26.00 bucks EACH!

I just made the mistake of looking at the Jimmy Beans site and they have it for $16.00 a skein...


Well... that's ok.  I do want to support the yarn crawl and I really do believe in the importance of supporting small business (my dad was a small business-owner).

The gal who owns Twist could not have been nicer and I really enjoyed meeting her!

And then in that case, I'm more than happy to buy yarn from her.

She is incredibly kind and she was really thankful to everyone in the store (regardless if they were purchasing or not). 

You know how you just kinda hit it off with some people or have a connection with some...

This is her.  She's at this shop!

We got to talking and she was sharing a bit about running a yarn shop (something I've always had a strong interest in).

I will say!  She is one of the more tech-savvy shops I've seen!

And I love it!

Every transaction was done off her iPad and it was the most streamline process ever!

I love that she's moving forward with technology.


Anyway, this is a really neat shop and it's almost like a studio!

It has a studio feel to it.

If you can, take a sec to read her About page. 

Now that I've read it and see that she studied art, it all totally makes sense!


Twist is at: 
226 South Sepulveda Blvd.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


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