Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jimmy Beans Wool!


My first Jimmy Beans Wool order has arrived and I'm super pleased!

I have been following this company for awhile now and I've really enjoyed learning about how they've come to be so successful and how they got started in the knitting business.

After my (and El Hub's) sticker-shock of $84.00 socks in the form of four skeins of Blue Sky Worsted Hand Dyes from Green Planet Yarn, I decided that if I was really serious about making socks for everyone for Christmas presents, then I better find a less expensive yarn!

Enter Jimmy Beans Wool.

What a great website!

Of course... leave it to techies to create an easy-to-use online store! 

Yay!  A FREE pattern on my order bag!

Here's my order! 
Yes... I kinda got crazy.

This is Rowan's Cashsoft Baby DK (in 800 Snowman) which is for the Bunny Hat (from Susan B. Anderson's Itty Bitty Hats!) that I'm making for Peanut for his Easter Hat.
My LYS did not have this Rowan yarn so I can't compare yarn shop price to online price but for me, this yarn was $9.95 (Thank God one skein will do it!).

These are the skeins I ordered for the Blue Sky Socks I'm hoping to make everyone for Christmas!

So this is where the Jimmy Beans Wool is really neat!

I originally went to the Jimmy Beans Blue Sky Worsted Hand Dyes page to see how much their yarn is, and it is only $2.00 bucks less than what I paid at Green Planet.

Then I noticed that, at the bottom of the page, they had this box:

Like that circle job there?

They suggest more yarn options and that's how I found this yarn!

They're very similar yarns.  Both fall under the Worsted Weight (4-5sts/in) category.

And both are wool.

But most importantly, the Tinka Yarn is ON SALE!!!!

At $5.60 a skein, it's a nice welcome from $84.00 bucks for a pair of socks!

And El Hub approves.

So here are my color combos!
3 Plum and 1 Raisin

3 Ruby and 1 Brown Sugar

3 Dark Olive and 1 Jade

3 Coffee and 1 Dark Olive

And, they threw in these cute doo-hickeys!

Markers are always helpful and I'm glad to have more!

I'd absolutely order from Jimmy Beans Wool again and, NO!  I'm not being paid to say that.

I really did find exactly what I needed, at a good price, and received it quickly (I placed my order on Monday, March 19th and received it on Thursday, March 22nd!)!

All good things!

Here are some neat articles on Jimmy Beans Wool and their good business! Keep them in Stitches


  1. Thanks again from all of us here at JBW! We look forward to hearing from you again - Jenn

  2. JBW seriously is the absolute best store ever. I really don't order from anyone else any more. wait til you start racking up that 5% back—it's addictive!

  3. Thanks so much for the amazing blog review! I hope you don't mind but we showed your blog a little Facebook and Twitter love. :) Happy knitting! -Kristen (from Jimmy Beans)

  4. I've ordered twice from Jimmy Beans and been happy both times. The second order, I used the 5% back AND the "find more options" and bought Lana Grossa "Fumo" at a great price. I now start my shopping at Jimmy Beans.

    Fringe benefit for me -- I'm in California, they are in Reno, and the package arrives before I'm even expecting it.

  5. I totally agree with you. I've ordered from Jimmy Beans for a couple years and have never been disappointed.

  6. You didn't mention how long it took - I ordered from JB at 2:30 PM on Saturday, and it was in my mail on Monday. They have magic fairies. Not sure if your story is the same, but I bet it's not far off.

  7. @Anonymous

    Hi! You're right! Sorry about that! I've updated my post with that info! I placed this order on Monday March 19th, sometime about midday... and I received it on Thursday March 22nd! Pretty fast! :)

  8. @MariaEdZed

    I'm in California, too! Where abouts are you? I LOVE that "find more options" button! :)

  9. I have ordered from Jimmy Beans Wool several times and am always impressed with their service! they are more like a friendly caring neighbor than a yarn store.