Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Knee Socks

And these are (almost) done!

Well... one is done.


These were definitely easy to do and I'm almost done with the second sock
(which I'll post an update pic on as soon as I finish!).

I was most nervous about the heel and toe but it actually could not have been easier!

This pattern (which I downloaded for $9.00 bucks off the Blue Sky site) calls the double-pointed needles by numbers.

So needles 2 and 3 are the instep of the sock and needles 1 and 4 are the heel. 

This pattern does call for picking up stitches, which you know I'm not a fan of...

But these were only 12 stitches to pick up so that's ok!  :)

How does it look?:

Seems ok, huh?

I used 3 skeins of 2013 Midnight Blue and 1 skein of 2007 Light Blue, all Blue Sky Worsted Hand Dyes.

If you saw my Socks post, you know that this yarn is a bit on the pricier side!

But I will say, it is gorgeous yarn.

It's INCREDIBLY soft and when I asked El Hub to try the sock on, he said, "WOW, that's warm!"

This yarn doesn't curl.  It works up beautifully!

I've decided that these will go to El Hub, EVEN THO!

After he tried them on, he said he didn't want to wear them ('cause he didn't want to stretch them out or ruin them).

Um, I'm sorry but I did not spend my time knitting a pair of socks that will NEVER get worn!

He WILL wear them and he WILL love them!


They (the socks and the couple) are cozy, aren't they?



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