Friday, April 13, 2012

Yarn Crawl L.A. 2012: Needlepoints West (Westchester)

Yarn Crawl - Day Two!

My MIL and I decided to brave the stormy thunderous rain (stormy by LA standards) and 
head to the west side today!

We started in Westchester by LAX at Needlepoints West!

This shop is nice and big and she had a lot of fun goodies going on for the Yarn Crawl!

She had free patterns to give as well as discounts on notions and what not!

I love to see a shop that gets into it!

Now... I am not a needlepointer and I know nothing about needlepoint so I can not speak to that portion of the shop, other than to say that it seems like they had a lot of needlepoint stuff!

Knitting-wise, she had a ton of nice yarn, needles, notions and patterns!

She carries everything from Trendsetter to Cascade to Malabrigo (which I saw everywhere, btw...).

I love hearing personalized stories about these shops and she was telling me that her peanut came to work with her everyday for the longest time! (which I think is wonderful)  

As a result, she's collected a nice toy chest full of fun goodies for the little ones...
There's my Peanut on the floor next to the toy chest with a fire truck!

This shop has a really nice sized cute knitting area in the back for classes and knitting power sessions... (Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it.  But it's there!)

I (finally) bought some point protectors as well as these ADORABLE heart shaped stitch markers!!!!

How cute are these!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND!  The owner was telling us that every so often, they close down the cute little street they're on and food trucks come for the day and people stroll the street, eating and shopping!

Sounds good to me!!!


Needlepoints West is at: 

6227 West 87th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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