Sunday, May 6, 2012

Two at a Time! Sock Class!

When my MIL told me about a sock class at her LYS where you make 2 socks (or a pair) at a time, I was soooooo excited!
Sign me up!
After experiencing how long it takes to make just ONE sock (and thinking, "Oh my God, I still have one more to go!"), anything to help speed it up is helpful to me!

Here's what they'll look like when they're done!

My mom and I met up with my MIL early so we could have some lunch and talk for awhile...

Let me just say that 2 glasses of wine later, we were not very good students and this was quite a mess!

I think my mom had it together the most out of all of us. 

My MIL wasn't doing too bad once she got it going. 

Once I got it going, I understood it and it works fairly quickly!

I think the hardest thing is keeping everything untangled!

I'm using a random sock yarn that my mom had and LONG size 3 circulars.

I think I'll switch to 16 inch circulars so it's not so crazy!

Here are some links I found to Socks: Two at a Time online tutorials!

Silver's Sock Class Two Toe-Up Socks

Knit and Tonic Knitting Two Socks at a Time: Supplies, Getting Started, Making Heels the No-Fuss Way


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