Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wooden Yarn Swift!

YAY!  YAY!!  YAY!!!

When I told our good friend KS about yarn swifts and ball winders, I emailed him a DIY video, and he made one!!!  

Here's his wooden swift: 

Isn't it great?!

And it works perfectly!

I had shown him this video from StevinMarin and based on that video, he made one for me!


Here are some pics of it!

YAY!!!  Thank you so much!

My MIL and I had been talking about maybe going in on one and now we don't have to!

Now... I can buy AS MUCH unwound yarn as I want!!!  

(El Hub says, "Oh... great.")


Thank you, to KS for making this for me!

I love it!


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