Friday, August 24, 2012

Free Pattern Friday! - Tanis Fiber Arts Blank Canvas Baby Sweater Pattern

How cute is this little sweater!!!

I just found out this week that a good friend of ours is having a baby boy!!!


And I've been dying for an excuse to make this sweet little sweater, and now I have one!

TFA Blank Canvas Baby Sweater

I've been following Tanis's blog for awhile now and, I can't even remember how I came across it but I really like it!

She's on my regular rotation of blogs to read.  :)

Her Blank Canvas sweater pattern is perfect for getting as creative as you'd like but... 

You know I love my stripes so that sweater above is pretty much perfect!

I see a lot of people use her hand dyed yarns (88 Ravelry users for the Color Affection!) and so I may have to try some TFA yarns for this sweet sweater...

You know... for research purposes only. 

It's not like I don't already have a mountain of yarn... 

But as a blogger, it's my job to BUY yarn and report back, right?

El Hub says, "Uh huh..  Then stop blogging."



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