Friday, November 16, 2012

Free Pattern Friday! - French Nautical Scarf by The Knit Cafe Toronto

Do you ever get a bug in your head about something and then it's ALL you can think about for the next week or so?
Well, that is me this week with all things French...

It started off earlier in the week, when I was listening to the Amelie soundtrack while making dinner (which I do often)...

Then, while flipping through mom's new issue of Knitscene, I saw an add for the Tartine hat from the French Girl Knits Accessories pattern book and that got me thinking about stripes!


Does anyone else's brain work like this?

Anyway, fortunately, it led me to this wonderful Free Pattern!!!

(doesn't it seem like a lot of wonderful knit/knitters come out of Toronto?)...
After I finish my Christmas Sock-o-Rama, I'll for sure be making this for myself!
(though, the idea of sock yarn and size 2 needles DOES NOT please me at all...)
But I guess I want it bad enough 'cause I'll do it!
In the meantime, check out these other pretty color combos...

sdrawkcabemdaer5's Spring Scarf

Mermaidtricks Subtle Ravenclaw Nautical Scarf


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