Monday, November 5, 2012

Knitter's Pride Symfonie Dreamz Interchangeable Circular Needle Set!!!!

I have been working on this post since forever!!!

Finally getting around to it now!  :)

Well Happy Birthday to me!!!!!
Guess what my MIL got me for by Birthday (like 3 weeks ago)?!?!?!


She has a set of these and LOVES them!!!
When I showed her my crazy collection of needles and HOW I store them,
she had the idea right away for these!

She had the idea to attached a little doo-dad (or bauble) to the cord key (or cord connector) so that they're easier to see!

And also, now they're cute and all styled up! 

These cords are nice 'cause they don't curl!

I'm really excited about this!

I've been working on circulars exclusively for quite awhile now and am so glad to be able to have them all in one place!

I can't tell you how many same size circulars I have with different cord sizes! (ie- lot's of size 9 circulars in 16", 32", 24", etc)

The wood on the needles is beautiful and so smooth!

And I love all the colors!

Thank you, MIL!

Happy Birthday to me!



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