Monday, December 17, 2012

600 monsters for connecticut...


Because I have been a blubbering mess of depression over here since about noon last Friday, I promised El Hub I would NOT read ANYTHING related to or having to do with the massacre of those poor children (and adults) in Connecticut...

But this came across my G+ and I just had to share.

There's a Ravelry group going on right now called 600 monsters for connecticut and they are:

'A collective group with the goal to create enough monsters to send send to all of the victims - every kid in that school - a huggable, hand knit friend to call their very own.'

Now...  Why monsters? (as I already see the questions in the discussion board)

I dunno...  and I don't care.

I'm joining 'cause I'd like to contribute something other than my prayers, which quite honestly, at this moment, don't seem to be much help at all... :-/

Not any tangible help, anyway.


(Guidelines found their FB page)



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