Friday, December 21, 2012

Free Pattern Friday! - Susan B. Anderson's How I Make My Socks

This might be the Free Pattern Friday of all Free Pattern Fridays!

Oh wow...
Oh my goodness. 

Could it be possible that these are all done?!
Remember ALL this yarn?

It's now become THIS!

I can't believe these are done!!!
And IN TIME for Christmas, too!!!

Everyone loved their socks (or so they say!) ;-)

and they had so much fun taking pictures of them!

Thank God for Susan B. Anderson!

Remember when my original idea was to make everyone socks from the
Blue Sky Worsted KNEE HIGH pattern?!

Good God, what was I thinking!!!

Anyway, as you know, this pattern is on Susan B. Anderson's blog and
it could not be easier!

This is a top-down pattern (as opposed to toe-up) and it works so fast!

Even faster with this yummy chunkier yarn!

So... having said that.

Since my yarn is thicker than what her pattern calls for,
I adjusted my math and I used size 5 double-pointeds
(instead of size 1) and it worked beautifully!!!

(I have tried this pattern with regular sock yarn and size 1 needles
and it is still perfect and easy and fast! - Post to come on that one later...)

I cast on 40 sts instead of 64 sts and then went from there.

(I can't remember how I calculated my math but I remember a lot of subtraction and dividing by 4)


It's just an all around good pattern!

Well written and easy to follow!

I averaged about one sock in two days.

I think it could go faster if you didn't have a little teeny tiny man
tugging at your leg throughout the day.


This yarn is the yummy S. Charles Collezione Tinka yarn.
I really really really liked this yarn a lot and found it so nice to work with!

It's soft.  It's cozy.  Chunky.

It doesn't seem to pill and it doesn't unravel.

It's 100% 'roving' merino wool (not sure what 'roving' means, but I like it!).
I found this yarn through the Jimmy Beans Wool Advanced Yarn Search thingy...

like that circle job there?  :)

when realized that I could not afford the $20.00 A SKEIN Blue Sky Worsted that I'd originally intended for everyone. 


How nice! 

It was the first suggestion on the list (up there!).

Anyway, the good news is that this yarn was fairly priced, nicely made and
with lots of vibrant colors!

The bad news... it's being discontinued!!!



 That's the Blue Sky Worsted (up there on the right) that I started and then took apart to make
2 pairs (4 socks), rather than 1 pair (2 socks).

Blue Sky Worsted Hand Dyes in Midnight Blue (#2013) and Light Blue (#2007).

This was a fun Christmas project and I learned a lot.

I also really enjoyed that I could take this project with me anywhere and everywhere I went.

I'm already thinking ahead to next Christmas and what I could make for everyone...
Any ideas?
Merry Christmas!


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