Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guest Post: Stanwood 10oz Ball Winder!

Today's Guest Post is by my MIL!!!!
"Santa" (aka El Hub and I) got her this Stanwood Needlecraft 10oz Ball Winder and I thought it would be great to hear what she thinks of it!
Here's what she has to say about it!

I love my new Stanwood Needlecraft ball winder!   It's heavy duty,  well made and easy to set up.  You hand tighten the clamp to the table; you hand tighten the wire feeding arm; you thread the yarn.  Start winding!  The winder runs smoothly even if the yarn comes off the swift unevenly.  The wound yarn comes off the spindle easily, also.  I've wound 2 skeins so far and the winder has performed splendidly!  Thank you, Santa!
As you know, El Hub is a researcher and he very specifically chose this winder
because of the great reviews on Amazon (compared to other winders on there).
That makes me so happy!
Merry Christmas MIL!


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