Friday, January 4, 2013

Free Pattern Friday! - Bernat Satin Monster For Your Love

And my little guys are done...

These two are leaving tomorrow for Ohio and I'll be sad to see them go!

These are for the 600 Monsters Strong group that:
"...started (but that grew beyond) with a one goal: knitting and crocheting 600 stuffed toys for the children impacted by the December 14th, 2012 school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary."

And I hope they will bring some peace and comfort to someone who can truly use it. 

It's been just less than one month since that terrible tragedy and I still get so down about it. 


I'll change the subject and tell you about the pattern!

This pattern is free on the Bernat site but you have to create an account (which is ok).  :)

There is also a dedicated Ravelry page for the Monster for Your Love.

I used the Bernat Satin in a super light pink and a plummy color because 
the selection was SUPER LIMITED at my local Joann's... 

I was really hoping to go gender-neutral but hopefully some little one 
will love these colors and these little guys. 

This pattern could not be easier and it works so fast!

I used the size 6 double-pointed needles and it works from top-down.

Cast on a couple of stitches and make them grow!

I have short size 6 double-pointed's so I ended up using all five needles (instead of 4 like pattern calls for). 

I started with this pink one and made it exactly as pattern called for (creating the body, up to leg, then stuffing, then making arms...)

But I was bummed that there were little spaces between the legs and arms to body 
(which I stitched up after stuffing it). 

So when it came time to make the purple one, 

I made the entire body first, except for one arm, then stuffed it and then finished the arm.

I dunno that it was any better because I still had to stitch up an opening between the legs. 

But I was happier with the arms. 


I was really nervous about the faces because I really wanted them to be cute, happy faces!

I know the group ok'd "safety eyes" but I didn't want to go that route. 

I wanted it to be all truly handmade. 

Well, thank God mom came over as she does know all and helped me with how to do back-stitch.

Now, I know it's not perfect...

But these faces are so much better than what I had originally done!

This pattern really is easy and it works so fast. 

I'd say total time, from start to finish, was about 2 or 3 days...

I'm glad I did this and it's been fun to see all the monsters on the 600 Monsters Ravelry page.

Check them out, if you can.

Bye, little guys!

Have a safe trip!



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