Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spud and Chloe Leaf Blanket #9216 (Designed by Susan B. Anderson)


And just in time for Baby H's arrival on Monday the 14th! 

(coincidentally the same birth date as our Peanut!)

Ok, you guys...

I can't even begin to tell you how ridiculously easy this pattern is!!!

Can you tell how excited I am?!

And it's not just 'cause I've been having some wine. 

This pattern really is THAT GOOD! 


It calls for 4 skeins of the Spud & Chloe Outer, which I loved!

It's so chunky and yummy!

It reminds me of what used to be the Twinkle Soft Chunky

I went with the color Hedge (# 7210) because it is... you know, a leaf. 


Among the many nice things about this yarn (softness, good quality, no pilling) 
is that it is machine washable!!!


Perfect for busy mommies!

It's 65% superwash wool and 35% organic cotton, which should feel nice on baby's skin and it won't stretch out too much or lose it's shape too much!

I went ahead and washed this with Dreft (so Mommy H won't have to!) on gentle cycle with cool water and then blocked it by laying it out on 3 thick bath towels.

I pinned it to the towels and left it to dry for 24 hours or so, and it was fine!

It lays flat now and blocked nicely!

This is a simple cast on with increases and then decreases... 
and it's worked on size 15 needles so it goes super fast!

I love this little Monkey button.  He's such a happy guy!

I hope Baby H. will be very cozy and warm in his Leaf blanket 
and I can't wait to meet him next week!



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