Saturday, April 20, 2013

Yarn Crawl LA 2013 - Yarnover Truck!

While we were in NY last week, my MIL was at the 2013 LA Yarn Crawl!!!!
She had a really good time and was kind enough to share some pictures of the Yarnover Truck, which I was most curious about!

Here's her experience in her own words!
Okay.   Yarn truck shopping begins with patience, as there's a maximum of 5 shoppers at a time.   That's why you see a group of knitters standing around talking on the sidewalk outside the truck.   However,  that waiting time gives knitters time to talk, compare notes,  etc.  Definitely not wasted time!  Once in the truck, it's a bit tight,  but all the yarns are wonderful!!  So, then you have the problem of which to choose.   I don't know if they had enough of anything to make a sweater,  but there were lots of 2 skein matches.  I bought one such match to make a simple crocheted shawl.  Beautiful colors abounded!! I chose a persimmon colored Enzula super wash merino/cashmere/nylon mix.  Payment was simplified by modern technology (sign with your finger on an iPad), collect your passport stamp and button,  and let the next person come aboard!  
Overall,  I enjoyed the whole experience of the crawl, especially seeing new shops, like the ones in the Valley where I went with my sister.   So many friendly people!   One shop owner told my sister and I about her grandmother who didn't read English but learned to read diagrams by seeing and memorizing samples.   Another shop gave coffee mugs imprinted with their name and logo to those who began their crawl there!  Fun! Fun! Fun!


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