Thursday, June 13, 2013

Article: Why knitting and yoga are perfect bedfellows (from The Guardian UK)

I can't even remember now where or how I came across this article...
but it hits close to home for me because I have been thinking a lot lately about how much I love knitting, but how sedentary I've become by spending all my time sittin' and knittin'!

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This article comes from the Guardian from their Life & Style section and a part of the article says:

To really get the gist of why yoga and knitting aren't such strange bedfellows, you need to understand a bit about what's going on behind the scenes. In the same way as yoga uses physical movements to affect a change in your state of mind, so too does knitting. "It's the rhythmic, repetitive movements that are important," Corkhill explains. Like a metronome, the rhythm of working the same stitch over and over again calms the heart rate and breathing, creating a feeling of stability and inner quiet. Much like executing a series of yogi asanas (poses) over and over again. And while you muse over how to execute a stitch – or a pose – those problems that threatened overwhelm you as you left the office can take a backseat.

Do your hands, arms, wrists, legs, knees, back get tired from sitting and knitting for extended periods of time?

Even my eyes get tired (if I'm knitting late at night)!

Physically, it's impossible for me to knit for more than 2-3 hours at a time... I start to lose focus and interest... and my body gets stiff!

I really have been thinking a lot these days about how sedentary I've become with giving almost any and ALL of my free time to knitting...

and I really need to do something about it!

I'd been researching local yoga classes well before I came across this article but reading this has been a nice reminder that I need to find a balance between my mental and emotional well being (knitting) and my physical well being (exercise!)

Of course... then the one thing in this article that I zeroed in on right away on was...

'pubs stuffed with pint-downing knitters'

Where in the world is this knit group and what time do they meet!?!?!?!


Um... can I look like this?  Please?

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  1. I can always go to Kimberley to have a chat and do some knitting.. but bless the bloggers that we all can chat and share at anytime... :)