Friday, June 7, 2013

Free Pattern Friday! - PurlBee Whit's Knits: Sporty Striped Peds!

Well, I have been a crazy knitting lady lately!!!
I'm trying to power through my existing stash and have been knitting faster than I can blog!
So I've decided to kill two birds with one stone...
with today's Free Pattern Friday!

And here are mine!

Pattern: PurlBee Whit's Knits: Sporty Striped Peds

Yarn: Spud and Chloe Fine (in # 7810 Lipstick)

Needles: Size One (1) double pointed needles (based on my crazy loose gauge)

Mods: none
These are for a good friend of mine (who's birthday was last month!) and I thought these would be perfect for her because...
she is a makeup artist up in L.A. and this yarn is the

Spud and Chloe Fine in # 7810 Lipstick!!!!

You should see this color in person...

Pictures do not do it justice (though I tried!).

I really like the Spud and Chloe yarns.  I was thinking about it and I realized that I like them because...
while they may not have a lot of yarn options, the three options they offer are very well done.
These can be machine washed and thrown in the dryer to dry.

The yarn doesn't twist while on the needle and it doesn't have any breaks or knots in it!
It's a sturdy yarn that's still soft in the hands!
And I think it's fairly priced.

These two socks (this pair) came from one skein and I still have a quite a bit of yarn left over!

This pattern is incredibly easy and well written (as most of the PurlBee patterns are!).
I finished these two socks in about a day and a half!
Happy Friday!
And Happy Birthday Sho!


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