Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yarnover Truck (Costa Mesa, CA)!!!

Look what came our way on Saturday!!!!

I follow them on FB and Instagram (@yarnovertruck) and I think that's how I found out they were finally coming to Orange County!!!

I was so excited to see it for myself, ever since my MIL told me about her experience at
the 2013 Yarn Crawl!

They spent the day at The Lab in Costa Mesa, which is the perfect place for fun & crafty ladies!
This is just as cute as you could possibly imagine!
They consider themselves to be a regular yarn shop on wheels!

And they carry everything one might want/need to start a project.
Yarn, needles, notions, patterns and bags to hold your project!

I have not seen a more efficient use of space in a long time!!!

(which is more than I can say for some yarn shops!)

They have used every inch of space in the truck (which used to be a UPS truck!)
but it's not over done or too much!
It's quite organized and easy to manage.

It's not sensory overload at all!

They have a nice range of quality yarns (full list here) and while it might not be a long list of yarn brands, I do think it's a quality list.

Quality over quantity!

You pay at the counter, just like a regular brick & mortar shop and you can pay & check out with the old iPad and "Square" thingy (that you slide your credit card through!).
Their only request is that no more than 5 customers can be inside at a time
and I think that's a fine request!
When I was inside, there were three (3) of us (plus my little Peanut!)
and I thought that was a bit tight!

I love that they put chairs out and that you are more than welcome to sit and knit!
Thank you, gals!

I love to see small business thrive!!!


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