Sunday, March 16, 2014

Afterthought Heel!

Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd in Doheny

Needles: DPNS US size 0


I am in the midst of a full-blown heel obsession!!!

I have mastered and memorized the basic slip 1/knit 1 heel 
(I'm not sure what that heel is called... that's what I call it). 

And I don't dislike it... but I don't love it.  Primarily because I like the idea and the look of a different colored heel... and I don't think THAT kind of heel lends itself well to a different colored heel!

Enter the Afterthought heel!

I LOVE all the ones I've seen on Ravelry with a different colored heel, cuff and toe!  I just think it's a nice kick of color!

BTW... did I tell you how much I love my Slipped Stitch Studios "Needle Nook"  DPN needle protector???  Like LOVE love it!!!!

I think this heel is very easy and I like the process of taking out the waste yarn!  
(I think it's the fun part of this heel process!)

I followed the YouTube video and picked up stitches as she said, 
but I still had a little hole there in those corners!

I think I need to keep working on it to perfect it.

I also feel like the heel didn't fit as snug as I'd like.

Maybe I need to make it smaller?  I dunno. 

Will keep working on it and report back.

When did I become so obsessive?!?!


What's your go-to heel?



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