Monday, March 10, 2014

Sea Glass Shawl by Mira Cole

And this one is done!

Pattern: Sea Glass Shawl by Mira Cole
Yarn: Baah! La Jolla in Obsidian (gray), Pink Tourmaline, Blue Iris and California Poppy
Needles: US Size 6 (40" circular)

This one's been done for awhile now and I'm just getting caught up on posting! 

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE color!  Like "LOVE" love...

This Baah! yarn is sooooooooooo vibrant and colorful, words (and these pictures) do not do it justice!
That pink below is a hot fuschia loud pink... and I LOVE it!


I'm not sure how she dyes this yarn but it is soooooo saturated (as loud color should be!).

This is the La Jolla and it's sooooo soft and cozy.  It's really nice in the hands and on the needles.

And in all this yardage, I did not come across any snafus or bumpies (things that always bum me out in yarn)...

This pattern is easy to work and if you can knit, purl & do yarnovers, then you can make this shawl!

I've been wearing it a lot lately and I get sooooo many compliments on it!  I like to pair it with something simple so the color really stands out!  :)

It grew quite a bit when I blocked it and at first I did not like that... but I do like it now.  It's long and drapey... nice and cozy.

What colors would you use?



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