Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Diadem Shawl by Ruth Greenwald

Pattern: Diadem by Ruth Greenwald

Yarn: ColorShift Color Bridge in Turquoise to Bright Yellow

Needles US Size 4

Yay!!!  My Diadem is done!  This was part of a workshop at my LYS and I loved it for the COLOR!!!

This yarn is just beautiful and I wish you could see how everyone's turned out!

(My MIL's is down below!)

There were about 5 of us in the class and we really had fun with all this color!

Did I tell you how much I love the color orange?

It is just about my favorite color!  (A blue-orange, to be exact!  Like a Rothko orange!)

So I chose this yarn colorway based on that one color!

This yarn is really nice to work with and I like that it has a bit of stretch to it! 

As a group, we all agreed that we did not want any leftover yarn so we worked the charts until each color was done!
As a result, our Diadems are longer than the original pattern, and I like that!

(I like a longer shawl)

I finished this project at my Knitting Retreat and here are some pre-blocked pictures!

I love the scent of this Soak Celebration!  It's a very clean scent!

Here are two pictures of my MIL's... She also finished hers at the knitting retreat!

I love the way her's turned out and I think it looks like Fall!  
(or Fall leaves... or something that reminds me of Fall!)




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