Monday, April 14, 2014

Spectra by Stephen West

Pattern: Spectra by Stephen West

Yarn: Cascade Heritage (in Black) and Dragonfly Fibers Pixie (in Black Pearl)

Needles: US size 4

YAY!  And this is done!

This one is for my niece for her birthday as she requested a 'black scarf' and 
I thought this would be a nice present!

I have to tell you... I LOVE Stephen West's patterns.  I find them sooooooo visually interesting!

I like that they are graphic and geometric!

This pattern was a lot of fun and once you get the basic idea of the pattern down, you can pretty much be on auto-pilot and work this one fast!

 The pattern calls for 86 of these little ladders and I put stitch markers every 20 ladders 
so I could remember and count easily!

It's always important to me to have clean insides (wrong sides) as well as right sides!  
I love a clean wrong side!  :)

The short row wrap & turns create this nice circular shaping!
(when doing your wrap & turns, don't forget to pick up the wraps and 
knit 'em with the rest of the stitches!!!)

This was such a fun project and I'd love to make another one with my left over stash!

I love to see all the different variations on Ravelry, especially the rainbow-ish ones!



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