Monday, September 22, 2008

Twinkle Big City Knits - Twinkle Hoodie

Well... Back to the Twinkle Hoodie.

I think I've burned myself out on the hats and scarves so much that I'm actually really into the Hoodie now!

I think also it helps that I'm actually headed towards the end!

I just need to sew the sleeves together and the hood. Then just need to add the border, and then just add buttons! Yay!

This is coming out really cute and I do kinda sorta wish I'd added the pockets like the pattern calls for but I'm thinking maybe it wouldn't be too hard to still do anyway? I dunno...

I also still think that I don't need more attention drawn to my tummy with things like pockets. ;-)

From the Twinkle book...


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