Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Too Cool for School...

It finally came!!!

After 17 years of working on this (no, seriously. 17 freakin' years), I actually am a College Graduate!
as I hold this piece of paper, I think about what this means...

another person has graduated college.

In Art History we talk a lot of Identity Politics. Groups of things and groups within groupings.

Similar to Set Concepts in Math.

Artists, like Adrian Piper, incorporate Identity Politics into their Conceptual art, initiating conversation in what it's like to be from this group or that.

So then I think about what group(s) I fall into as a new grad.

So today another _______ becomes a college grad.
  • Another American (born & raised!)
  • Another woman
  • Another 30-something (Yes... 17 years later... That's what partying and travelling the world in your 20's will do to you.)
  • Another married person
  • Another Hispanic half 'n half (more Oreo than not. My German/Irish hubby is more Mexican than I am!)
  • Another damn Art History major
It's all wonderful, but...

So now what?



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