Monday, January 25, 2010

Habu Textiles (Garment District - Manhattan, NY)

Yay!!!  Thanks to the nice gal at Gotham Fine Yarns, I ran over to Habu Textiles per her recommendation.

And just as she described it, it is definitely something to see!

 Habu Textiles is on the 8th floor of a building in the Garment District.

 I wouldn't even call it a store so much but, more of a studio or even a gallery of yarns!

The very nice gal greeted me when I entered and asked if I'd been before.

When I told her I had not, she gave me a brief rundown on the 411.

She showed me that some yarns in the baskets were on sale and they'd be marked if they were (on sale).

 Then she took me to the other side of this wall with fabulous skeins and hanging patterns!

She confirmed that some patterns are for sale to just let her know if I needed anything!

 These yarns are wonderful because they are so unique!

They're unique 'cause they're made out of all kinds of interesting textures and materials.

 Things ranging from linen paper to bamboo to even steel!

And I did not find the prices to be overly outrageous.  I thought the prices were very fair for the size of skein and especially for the material!

 I did end up buying (3) patterns (I know... Could I collect any more patterns?!) but you don't understand...

I need them!!!



On my way to Habu, as I was literally walking into their building, I smelled the worst smoke smell ever!

I look over and people are kinda sorta flipping out...

It turns out, there was an electrical fire in the manhole underground right in front of their building!

I called 911 and a gal standing next to me called also.

 We waited for the firemen to come (we love our firemen!) and hung around to watch the action until we realized we probably shouldn't be inhaling that carcinogenic smoke.

Oh yeah... and the fire kept spouting out like a geyser!
Habu Textiles is at 135 West 29th Street (between 6th & 7th Avenue) in the Garment District!

Oh and, check out Knit Your Socks Off's nice post on Habu with owner's interview!


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