Tuesday, January 26, 2010

School Products (Garment District - Manhattan, NY)

Today, I started my knitting shop tour at School Products in the Garment District.

This store is on the third floor of a building on the corner of Broadway and 29th Street (and right around the corner from our hotel!).

Much like Habu Textiles, it's not so much a store front or shop as it is a space or show room.

I finally realized the reason why this poster of the book Runway Knits is ALL OVER the store is because the owner of School Products, Berta Karapetyan is also the author of this book.

This space is HUGE and it has a TON of different types of yarn.

You name it, they have it!

This place is perfect for knitting in bulk or if you want a one-stop shop for something specific you're looking for.

They do have some beautiful textiles from French Lace Mohair to their own version of a chunky yarn.

I found the prices to be on average.  This was not the most expensive place but it did not have the best deals so far.

It is a nice place to wander and especially if you have a specific pattern in mind, it would be a good place to go and try to get your yarn!

And the name of the business is cute!  :)

School Products is at 1201 Broadway, between 29th & 28th Street in the Garment District!


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