Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yarntopia (Upper West Side - Manhattan, NY)

After School Products, I met my good friend P for tea in the Upper Upper Upper West Side.

Actually, I don't even think it's considered Upper West Side.  She works up on 168th and Broadway, which I think is technically "Washington Heights".

Anyway, on my way back down, I stopped at Yarntopia, which is in the Upper West Side.

Unfortunately, I didn't get very many pictures of this cute shop.

It is a really nice shop and it is very well laid out.

I really like how she has her yarn organized by yarn type and she has the pricing and important info (weight, etc) clearly displayed.

I will say, I did find these yarns to be a bit on the pricier side. 

I know yarn can be pricey in general but this shop just seemed even more so by a bit.

Having said that, she certainly does have a very nice selection. 

She's got the Cascade.  She's got the Berroco.  The Blue Sky Alpacas and some Debbie Bliss!

Yarntopia is located at 974 Amsterdam Avenue (at the corner of 108th St. and Amsterdam) in the Upper Upper Upper West Side.


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