Saturday, September 17, 2011

UFO: Weekend in Stockholm Crochet Throw

Oh wow...
The UFO of all UFOs is done.
I can't even believe it!

The Weekend in Stockholm throw is done!
I honestly can't even remember when I started this project but it has taken me FOREVER to finish and now it's done!!!

So if you missed any of my other posts on this crazy project, you can see them here:

Looks like I started this back around April 7th, 2010.

By April 19th, still excited about the project...

By May 31st, slowing down...

And by July 3rd, pretty much over it!


I really enjoyed making the How To videos and now that I'm a bit better with it, hopefully I can make more!

This final edging around the throw was really easy to do.

It's just a series of 6 triple crochet (tr) in a double crochet (dc) and then skip over 2 double crochet and single crochet in the next dc.

And just keep going all the way around!

Looks ok!

So, if you notice, some colors are different in my throw. 
There were 2 color schemes that I was not crazy about (the purple and red combo) so I decided to make my own color combos!

Then, just as I was about done with this thing, I happened to be in Joann's one day and saw that they had a GORGEOUS shade of Orange called Clementine!

So naturally I incorporated that into my throw too!

I'm not even sure what I was thinking or how this even happened but, somehow I had made 3 extra random squares.
My initial thought was to just toss 'em but...  

I seem to be flat-out nuts these days so went ahead and made 5 more squares to complete & add one more row.

I was like, "Seriously!  Please!  Make it stop!"

I'm glad I did though 'cause now that it's done, it looks great and is just that much longer, which is nice!

I'm sooooooo glad that this throw is done.  I love it.

And of course, now that this thing is done...

no one is allowed to touch it or use it!


(Kidding!  Kinda...)


  1. beautiful! saw the tutorials on youtube and really want to give this a try. I don't remember seeing this pattern in my Stitch N' Bitch book but i will look through it again tonight. just in case, which book is this pattern from? The Happy Hooker?

    anyways, LOVE your color choices and think you did a very nice job!

    thanks for the post!

    1. Hi!!! How are you?! :)

      This pattern is on the Stitch Nation website at and it's FREE!

      YAY! Good luck and let me know how it goes! :)