Friday, April 13, 2012

Yarn Crawl L.A. 2012: Jennifer Knits (Brentwood)

Our last stop for the day!  Jennifer Knits.

By this time, it was about 5p and we were ready for a glass of wine!

Before heading home, we popped into Jennifer Knits quickly, where we ran into some friends!

One of the many fun things about this Yarn Crawl was running other knitters around town!


This small shop has some truly luxurious yarns.  Gorgeous Tahki yarns. Trendsetter and Rowan.  
Just beautiful.

They had these BEAUTIFUL samples knit up to promote and this sweater vest below was fabulous.

This is not me in this picture but when I tried this vest on, it fit me perfectly! (and went really well with what I was wearing, which means it was meant for me to have!)   :)

I think this was knit up with a Tahki yarn but I can't remember.  The end of the day became a bit of a blur.

In any case, it was gorgeous.  And heavy!
This gal works here and is super nice and helpful!  If you go to Jennifer Knits, look for her!

This was another sample knit up for show and it was really cute!  You know I love my cables and this had these smaller cables on the back (which created a nice fitted feel around the waist) as well as chunkier cables around the wrist sleeve hem.  Simple with a kick!

And then this sweater... which I know does not look exciting at all but... if you could only FEEL this sweater. 

They used the Filatura Superior Cashmere Blend and Oh My Good God!  

It's soooooooo incredibly soft!  It's like a little cloud in your hand.  It's that good!

And you know I love my nudie-neutrals so I immediately gravitated to this sweater (feel & color)!

Apparently this pattern is a Filatura (or maybe a Tahki) pattern.  Again, I'd just about checked out at this point. 

Unfortunately, I did not buy anything at this shop.

As much as I would love any of these three sweaters, I was being good... 

Jennifer Knits is at: 
108 Barrington Walk
Los Angeles, CA 90049


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