Friday, September 21, 2012

Free Pattern Friday! - Lacy Thong (Interweave Knits Online Spring 2007)

Well, now that I have your attention! 

(Sorry image isn't bigger!)


It's Free Pattern Friday! - Bridal Edition!
My BFF in the whole wide world is getting married in November and I'm throwing her Bridal Shower tomorrow!  (Pics & Post to come!)

Since we are old and tired, we didn't want to do silly bridal shower games. 
But someone had the idea for a "Panty Tree" and I thought it was perfect!

Since I know she doesn't read my damn blog!!! (not hostile about it at all...)
I don't mind telling you...
I asked everyone to bring a pair of undies as funny or silly or pretty as they'd like.

Then she'll have to guess who brought which!
So when I did a Ravelry search for "Bridal" and saw these Interweave Lacy Thong knit undies, I thought they were perfect!

 I bet these work fast!
This fun image is from Bohoknitterchic (on Ravelry) and Flickr and I love it!

I'm so bummed 'cause these were the undies I wanted to contribute to the game but they're on Amazon and wouldn't come on time!

Pantaloon Bloomers from 1816

I think I'll run up to the costume shop today to see if they have anything like this!
Will let you know how it goes!


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  1. That's an awesome bridal shower idea! (since I'm old and tired too, LOL) I bet you gals had a ton of fun!